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For being able to experience positive emotions, first of all we need to let the negative feelings and thoughts go. As long as you hold onto the negative emotions, as long as you fill your heart with negativity, there is no space for anything else.

But, it’s important to feel them all, NOT suppress them, FEEL them! If you avoid experiencing the darkness, you won’t be able to understand and appreciate the light either! It means even though you might have something good or even great in your life you won’t see it, because you don’t know what to do with it, so very much likely you will lose it. Has it ever happened to you?

Those who haven’t seen the darkness, can’t see the light either!

So we need to face and feel our emotions, even though it’s painful. That’s the only way to grow. FEEL them, LEARN from them, then RELEASE them!

If you hold onto the pain, there is no space for happiness!

So you have to let them go, to make space for something better, something more positive.

Many people don’t want to feel! Which has a lot of reasons. The most common is fear.

If I have feelings, I might get hurt, I might get disappointed. Yes that is true, but isn’t it possible that I might NOT get hurt? Yes it is!

🧡 There is NO victory without risk! 💚Those who never risk, never win!

💙Those who live a “grey” = monotone life, those get nothing but “grey” = monotone things.

💜Those who don’t want to experience “colours” = emotions, those will never experience “the miracles” either and won’t grow!

A grey life is not colorful. What do I mean by colours? EMOTIONS! There are light, dark, vivid, dazzling etc… These emotions colour your life!


Life is definitely NOT black and white! It's your choice how to colour it!

How can singing help you to release pain and substitute it with happiness?

Coming next!

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