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"Every second person claims to be a vocal coach and mislead millions of people"

Updated: Jul 5

The other day I got into a discussion with someone below a video on Youtube. It was a guy’s video who claimed himself to be a vocal coach and he was explaining a specific vocal technique. (incorrect way)

I read this comment below this video: (I only quote a part of it)

“I just wish, singing teachers would not sell speculations to explain what they are doing, as all of this misinformation will eventually be holding people back from discovering more and going even further.”

I replied to this person. So I wrote:

“Most "youtube coaches" are NOT Singing teachers! Maybe 10% of them are certified teachers.”

The person replied:

“Depends on the definition of a singing teacher. I was just meaning anyone who teaches singing.”

This sentence triggered something in me! “Anyone who teaches singing”... This sentence made me realize how the role of a “teacher” disappeared in this world.

There shouldn't be such a thing as "anyone who teaches singing".

Teaching is a PROFESSION just like being a lawyer or doctor. It’s like me starting to teach dancing. Just because I know how to dance it doesn’t mean I can teach it! Or just because I know Grey’s anatomy inside out, you wouldn’t trust your surgery to me.

TODAY for some reason being a vocal coach became a trend, especially on YOUTUBE! Every second person claims to be a vocal coach or singing teacher. Clearly they are NOT!

They mislead millions of people in order to get MORE VIEWS!

They give wrong information about vocal techniques.

They convince people that they can learn something, like singing in for example “30 days” (which is clearly impossible) So they spend their money and after 30 days they are there without the promised results. They are upset, they are unhappy, they are unsatisfied and they think teachers are liars!

Their incompetency created confusion in people who tries to understand singing. Who went there for help! And they believe “teachers” are giving misinformation!

Their incompetency ruins the reputation of being a TEACHER!

I’m sorry but enough is enough! It's time to stand up for the profession of TEACHING!

Teachers are here to teach, to help, to show, to demonstrate, to support, to motivate.

Our profession/job is so incredibly important and essential for the current and future generation, in order to live in an educated world. (or simply in a better world…)

You can’t learn to sing from a Youtube video! It might give you some information (hopefully a right one) but you are not gonna learn to sing from it!

Singing is NOT science! Singing is NOT difficult! BUT it requires dedication, commitment, practice and time! We talk about building a skill here! Which happens over time! And since everyone is an individual, there is no guarantee for how long it takes to learn. It’s different for every single one of us!

And here comes the role of a teacher, the REAL task of the teacher! Because a good, competent teacher who understands the technique, who understands the other person, who knows the actual student in front of her/him can teach and explain, clearly and simply in as many ways as the individual requires.

I do my best to be a good teacher, and it's not my EGO talking or claims to be a good teacher and not even my certification makes me be a good teacher.

I have the education and I have the certification but I believe being a good teacher comes from inside.

I CARE about my students! I care about them creating and receiving the results they came for. I care about them to leave the lessons with being or having more.

I chose to be a teacher! No one, no emergency money situation, or "my singing carrier didn't work out" did not make me to go this way.

I chose this path or the path chose me... :)

My aim is not to start a war or talk trash about others.

But to give another perspective.

The world is full of false information, lies, insincerity, superficiality!

And I believe in quality and I believe people deserve to receive quality and value.

So I'm standing up for this! I'm standing up for something I am! And I hope other teachers will join.

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