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How can SINGING heal you!

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Did you know when you are singing, you are in the flow? Yes you are!

When you are in the flow, you open up! You are connecting to source, you are becoming one with the universe. In this state you can create, manifest, you can heal, you are in acceptance and you let go. This is the state when anything is possible and when “miracles” happen.

Let’s say you would like to feel love or attract love in your life. Here is your exercise.

Start singing and let’s say the song lasts about 5 minutes. During this 5 minutes while you are singing, you will start feeling goosebumps, shivering, you can feel how a nice calming, warm feeling fills up your heart and body. You are now in the flow, you are now connecting to the universe. you can now start to create and manifest.

Meanwhile you are singing, close your eyes and start visualizing your love, how you are loved, how you are in love, see yourself and your partner walking hand in hand, kissing and loving each other. See this picture until you are becoming one with it and it feels completely real!

Did you know the subconscious mind can’t separate reality and imagination?

That’s why visualization with feelings is the most effective exercise to create anything you want.

So staying in this state daily for at least 5 minutes while you are singing means that you are on the way to attract whatever you want. Love, Health, Abundance etc..

Don’t worry if you can’t sing or can’t sing specific songs or singer, you can still do it, because it’s all about the emotions and the picture. So how can you do it if you are not a singer and you can’t sing?

Sit down, put your headphones in and close your eyes. Start listening to the music, you can choose to sing with the singer or not. Don’t worry, If you have headphones you won’t hear your own voice so you won’t be distracted. Emotions will start moving, just like this too. You will have goosebumps, shiver and peace in your heart. It works just like when you are singing without headphones.

How can singing help you to release pain and substitute it with happiness?

Basically you can use this “exercise” I mentioned above for releasing any pain, struggle, or anxiety you need to.

Choose songs specifically for those emotions you want to process, release, let go, experience or feel.

For example when I want to release steam, someone or something pisses me off, I put on something heavy, like rock or metal.

One of my favorites is “The kill” from 30 seconds to Mars, “Love bites” from Halestorm, “Violet” from Hole.

When I want to feel love and positivity I sing “That’s the way it is" from Celine Dion.

When I am in a moody/sad mood, I sing “homesick” from Dua lipa

It’s important! if you are stuck on negative emotions, like anger or hatred, you need to process and release them first. (Read the article about releaSING)

If you are filled with anger you won’t be able to sing positive songs full of love and joy.

Don’t be afraid of your emotions! Don’t try to suppress them! They are there for you! They show you the way where you need healing.

Sing or listen to any songs that helps you to release all these feelings. Do it until you feel peace in your soul. Then you can start to fill your heart with love, joy, healing, and gratitude etc…

Good luck with the exercise! :) I would love to know your experience. Feel free to share if you feel like.

Love, Orsi aka "Rocky"

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