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"Since everyone is an individual, I tailor the lessons to your needs with exercises that specifically you and your voice needs!"


Things I can help you with


  • Breathing technique for singing, for speaking and for mental / physical health

  • Voice training for singers, speakers and those who want to free their voice

  • Extending your vocal range

  • Voice projection = How to sing powerful and effortless

  • Unblock emotional and mental blockages with singing and music

  • Understanding your voice, vocal techniques and music genres

  • Chest voice, Head voice, Falsetto, Belting, Mixed voice, Whistle voice, Flageolet, Vocal Fry

  • Extreme Vocal techniques, Vocal distortion and Types of Screaming (Fry, False cord etc...)

  • Learning songs (anything you desire)

  • Finding your own voice, sound and style

  • Life coaching

  • Motivation and constant support

  • Recording sessions (audio, video)

  • How to talk and sound naturally

  • How to look naturally on camera  and / or on stage

  • How to use your emotions to improve your singing skills

  • How to look after your voice (voice health)


The Training also helps you

  • In your personal development (as your voice grows, your personality grows as well)

  • Improving your communications in general

  • Releasing stress, pain, trauma, anxiety

  • Maintaining a more positive state of mind

  • Increasing your self esteem and confidence


Things you additionally get during the training

  • FREE access to our membership site

  • Audio exercises for home practice

  • Constant support in email outside of the lessons

Package deals in 2024:

  • 1 x 60 minutes -> €100

  • 4 x 60 minutes  - >  €360 

  • 6 x 60 minutes - >  €480

  • The "PRO" Package Deal  *  10 x 60 minutes + 1 FREE   ->  €780

Consultation is available

This is a 30 minutes free call via Skype to have a quick check if we are right for each other and can work together in the future. Please bare in mind that this is not a coaching session.

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