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"Every time we learn something new, we are developing a new skill, which takes time. Build yourself instead of beat yourself. "
Louise Hay

Phoenix Vocal Studio  is an international vocal school, where apart from basic and regular voice training, I teach extreme and alternative voice training, like different traditional throat singing from other cultures, vocal distortion and screaming. 

I have 27 years  of experience of singing studies and vocal training, 2 decades of voice research, professional teaching and coaching practice, internationally with medical proofs as well.

The reason why I find it quite important to work with ENT-s and phoniatrics is because we do techniques that we don’t know much about and have any practical proof or information.


The “specialty” or the concept of Phoenix vocal studio lies in two things.

One of them is “understanding” the things we practice.

What I mean is that I want to understand how the voice, the training of the voice, the techniques, and different sounds work. 

For example, where certain sounds are coming from, what happens if I open this or that cavity, what difference does it make in terms of sound etc.. 

Basically I want to learn, understand and maximize what my profession, being a teacher, is.

That’s why I’m confident and certain when I say, I can teach any basic/regular and / or extreme vocal technique, because I understand the “HOW”. I understand how the voice and the specific technique work! As a teacher that would be the minimum.


The other thing is, the constant “Finding answers” and “Innovation” attitude. 

What I mean is, if the student has a problem, we don’t have the answer at that moment. We go and search it until we find it. I’m a teacher, they come to me because they expect answers. 

Everyone is an individual, with different voices, background, issues, physics and obstacles. That is also why you understand and should be good at your profession, because that’s the only way to be able to help others.


I’m open to any genre.

I don’t care what genre you are singing in, because every genre, music style has their own tasks, messages, beauty and audience. If you care about your own voice, if you have a message, a story to tell, and if your heart and personality is in your singing, that performance come alive and quality just walks in….

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