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"Every time we learn something new, we are developing a new skill, which takes time. Build yourself instead of beat yourself. "
Louise Hay

Welcome to Phoenix Vocal Studio!

The most colorful, informative, fun and versatile  online / offline vocal school where you get personally tailored Voice Training from your coach,
Orsi Ronai aka "Rocky".


Whether you are a hobby singer or professional, looking for  1 on 1 session or online courses,

Phoenix Vocal Studio is giving you all!
Unlike regular singing lessons, apart from understanding and learning the structure of your voice, Orsi helps you to get rid of the mental and emotional blocks that stop you from being able to use your voice freely and 

Orsi is a certified singing teacher, life coach, singer and best selling author. She graduated as a singer and teacher in Budapest in 2007 then she continued her studies in London, UK where she built an international Vocal School. She also graduated as a Life coach in 2015 in London so she has been teaching and coaching for 18 years. By today she has clients from all around the world. 

"No one is born like knowing everything! Practice makes things better! Just because you were not excellent in something straight away, it doesn’t mean you can not be good with practice over time!
Someone may convinced you, or maybe someone laughed at you, or made fun of you and that memory is still deeply inside of you."

"If singing makes you happy, then the best thing you can do to your life is doing what you love and makes you happy!  Happiness makes you a better person, better friend, better lover, better parent."

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