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On the 15TH OF JULY  Phoenix Vocal Studio is holding a FULL DAY False Cord Scream & Distortion Online course.
In this course I will teach you how to use your false cords for creating different type of screams and distortion step by step FROM THE BASICS!

What you can expect on this day.

Start: 10am CET
Finish: 4pm CET


- Breathing technique and Support
- Discovering all of your vocal registers
- Belting (for rock and metal singing)
- Projection aka How to sing powerful and effortless


The “False Cords” (Theory + Practice)

- How they work and How you can create different sounds with them
- How you can use them in your different vocal registers

 The “practice”

- Everything I explain to you, we are gonna do and practice as well. As long as I’m giving you only a lecture of the theory, it’s gonna remain a theory, that’s why I want you to do and try straight away so you can understand the technique.

- I’m gonna give you the most useful, most effective warm up and voice training exercises.
- Fals
e Cords Activation
- False Cord Isolation aka the throat singing,
- How to do that, How to practice
- Exercises for different types of sounds (Yell scream, Rock distortion, Growl…)


You can ask questions about techniques, sounds, singers, whether you are stuck somewhere, or you are a complete beginner. I'm gonna do my best to answer all of your questions and give you a direction.

- You are going to receive audio and written instructions and exercises at the end of the course, so you can practice everything we did on the course.

- The price of the course is  £99 Which you can pay on this link below:

- The course is gonna held via Skype. The link of the course you are going to receive in email after the registration.
- To attend the course you need to register in the following email address:


If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
If you want to attend but busy on the date or you are in different time zone, I can offer a solution.

Looking forward meeting you all. 
Phoenix Vocal Studio

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